Diabetes Coalition of California

About Us

The Diabetes Coalition of California (DCC) is an independent, volunteer organization consisting of individuals and agencies dedicated to the prevention, recognition, and reduction of the adverse personal and public impact of diabetes in the state’s diverse communities. The Coalition is comprised of representatives from the general public, local health departments, universities, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and a variety of community-based, voluntary, health and professional organizations.

Membership is open to individuals and organizations interested in working with the coalition to meet their goals and objectives. Join this growing group of volunteers dedicated to the fight against diabetes.

Purpose: The specific purpose of this organization is to prevent diabetes and its complications in California’s diverse communities.  This shall be done by increasing awareness of diabetes, advocating for and  promoting policies and programs that improve access to care, treatment, and outcomes for people with diabetes and those at risk for developing diabetes.  In doing so, the DCC will help accomplish the mission and objectives of the California Diabetes Program (CDP) in the California Department of Public Health.

Vision: To create a statewide volunteer network in order to enhance community efforts to reduce the burden of diabetes. Our goals are to prevent diabetes and its complications by risk reduction, early detection, and best practices.

Bylaws: click here

EIN#:   46-2945902

The Diabetes Coalition of California is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization as designated by the IRS.  We welcome your tax deductible donation.

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