Diabetes Coalition of California

BOD Structure

Committee Goals & Objectives

  • Provide direction and oversight for all activities of the Coalition

Committee Membership / Structure

  • The Committee is directed and meetings are chaired by the Coalition Chair.
  • Membership includes the Coalition Chair, Coalition Vice-Chair, immediate Past Coalition Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Working Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs, and as ex officio nonvoting members, those Past Coalition Chairs, who are still active Coalition members.
  • The Coalition Chair, Vice-Chair, and immediate past Coalition Chair serve two-year terms. All other Executive Committee members serve so long as they hold their office.

Activities / Responsibilities

  • Represent the Coalition, and approve and conduct the business of the Coalition
  • Finalize policy and procedure decisions for the Coalition
  • Consider and approve financial requests for Coalition projects and p rovide financial direction for the Coalition
  • Guide committee activities to conform to the overall purpose and goals of the Coalition and approve Working Committee activities, recommendations, positions, products and financial requests
  • Develop ad-hoc committees or modify current committee functions to fulfill the present needs of the Coalition
  • Ratify membership applications and committee activities


  • Monthly conference calls on the third Friday of the month at 12:30 p.m.
  • Ad hoc conference calls as needed to facilitate project completion or as dictated by the needs of the Coalition