Diabetes Coalition of California

East Bay Nursing Students Contribute 800 Hours for Diabetes Prevention

In April, the Diabetes Prevention Committee launched a pilot internship program with California State University East Bay. This quarter we have 8 nursing students and a DCC mentorship team comprised of 6 volunteers. Each nursing student is required to fulfill over 100 hours of community service on an independent project. With guidance from the DCC, small teams are working on building awareness about the National Diabetes Prevention Program and the importance of screening for prediabetes, testing, and referring high risk patients to Lifestyle Change Programs recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Another team is working to raise awareness about prediabetes and diabetes using the Screen at 23 campaign which highlights lower BMI thresholds for Asian Americans. Products and results from the students will be posted on the DCC website.

A survey was sent to members of the DCC’s Diabetes Prevention Committee in March and we received 18 responses. We learned that members want to contribute to a statewide effort and wish to address a mix of issues on the monthly calls to include policy, best practices, sharing, networking and specific tasks. Several members are interested in writing articles for the DCC newsletter and/or Op Ed pieces on diabetes prevention topics. Some are interested in being mentors for the internship program and wish to have leadership and facilitation opportunities. Based on the survey results, we have drafted a plan for the committee and will begin implementation soon.

To join us contact Susan Lopez-Payan.