Diabetes Coalition of California


Introductory Letter (revised June 2012)

Table of Contents (revised June 2012)

We are pleased to present the BASIC GUIDELINES FOR DIABETES CARE, developed by local and national diabetes experts, are consistent with the American Diabetes Association’s Clinical Practice Recommendations. * Please note that the following contents may be reproduced with the following citation:

“Developed by the Diabetes Coalition of California and the California Diabetes Program, revised June 2012.”

The Basic Guidelines serve as a framework for developing diabetes care programs aimed at reducing the personal and societal impact of diabetes. For over 15 years health plans and medical groups throughout California have adopted them to assure improved outcomes for their patients with diabetes. References are individually rated by experts. The Basic Guidelines Packet is updated regularly and may be downloaded at diabetescoalitionofcalifornia.org.  All materials may be reproduced with the citation noted on the bottom of each page. To support implementation of the Guidelines, the following are also available:

The Guidelines and supporting materials are products of the Diabetes Coalition of California an independent, not-for-profit organization working to improve the lives of people with diabetes. To learn how you can become a member of the Diabetes Coalition of California visit diabetescoalitionofcalifornia.org.