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Diabetes Prevention Internships

In 2016 the DCC’s Prevention Committee offered virtual internships to students at California State University East Bay. Six volunteers from the committee served as mentors for eight health/nursing students who were required to provide over 100 hours each towards an independent community service project. Internship topics, testimonials and student products are listed below.

Note: The DCC is not responsible for the projects or materials developed by students. The views expressed in materials do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Diabetes Coalition of California, nor does the mention of trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the Diabetes Coalition of California.


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  •     Focus: Raising awareness of prediabetes amongst providers and informing them about the National Diabetes Prevention Program and the importance of screening, testing and referring patients to CDC-recognized Lifestyle Change Programs

                 “I learned about PDM, the Lifestyle Change Programs, and how important it is to assess the risk factors and screen for PDM. I can use all this info in my nursing career and help to shift focus onto people who haven’t yet developed DM. Major educational point and it inspires me to lead by example in my own life.” — CSUEB student

Prediabetes for Providers report

Prediabetes for Providers Video

Prediabetes for Providers PPT